The Five Astral Realms

1. Realm of the Present

This realm is the most commonly visited realm of all. When people dream and project, this is where they usually end up.

The Realm of the Present is in complete harmony with the present, material reality. The only thing that changes is that you can pass through seemingly solid objects at will during a successful astral projection.


2. Realm of Time

The three-fold formulation of time (past, present and future) truly comes to life when you choose to travel to this realm.

You would know that you are in the Realm of Time when your surroundings and the circumstances that you see during your travel changes (pictures fade or become very clear, etc.)


3. Realm of the Cosmos

The Realm of the Cosmos reflects the expanded, physical universe as we know it. If you wish to travel to other planets or go beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, the Realm of the Cosmos can help you discover what you wish to know about the physical universe.


4. The Realm of Guidance

The Realm of Guidance is a special realm where intellect and wisdom of the ages are developed and passed down to the present time.

This spiritual realm is the place you have to visit if you wish to find answers to life’s most puzzling questions. This place in the astral plane is also called the Teaching Realm.


5. The Realm of Spirituality

The Realm of Spirituality is a glorious and happy place where discarnate spirits (spirits who no longer reside in a body) live. When you reach this place (which has several levels), all fears that you have developed living in the physical plane will vanish.

As one moves upward to the higher levels of the Realm of Spirituality, the realm becomes even more beautiful and wonderful.

How to Find FREE Bitcoins

Virtual Coins


I just started using Bitcoin and Litecoin faucets this past year. So far, my bitcoins are valued at around 400 dollars, and I have a little over 1 litecoin. There are plenty of free bitcoin faucets out there, although there are not too many litecoin faucets available. It took about 6 months to earn 400 dollars worth of Bitcoins and 4 months to earn litecoins. Its free money and I would like to see more people take advantage of this!

I read a comment on reddit, (Finally hit $5 using Bitcoin faucets everyday for 3 weeks I’m 18, set up an offline wallet and have been using faucets for the last 3 weeks everyday, all day. Today I finally hit $5 total, this was a ton of work for only 5 bucks, so I probably will stop. But I’m glad I can say I did it!!) This is good thing, that 5 dollars that he made can turn into 500 or more in a year or so. Its free money!! It all adds up and if bitcoins go up to 10, 20, 30 thousand that 5 bucks wont seem so small.

When you look at bitcoin you look in to the future. So here is a way to start building your future. My wife and I run an internet business, so this gives us time and the freedom to say consistent and keep up with the faucets. This can also be done easily by people on welfare, unemployed people and couples (where you can take turns working), but really anybody can do it. I am assuming you have a wallet set up, this is a must. And if you don’t have a wallet then you are losing out on free money!! If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get one here. If anonymity is not a major concern for you, you can also click here to get an online wallet. Just keep in mind, that all of these transactions are listed in the blockchain and that you will be trusting your wallet to someone else for safe keeping. That, in itself poses some risks.

For instance, their website could be hacked (even with security measures in place, this still happens sometimes) or they could have server problems stopping the site from coming online. These issues make it difficult to access your funds when you need them. Just be sure to read all information on their website before making your decision.

Ok, so let’s talk about some Bitcoin faucets now. Many bitcoin faucets give out free coins by the hour, some are once per day and others times vary. Each individual website will indicate when you can come back again to claim more free coins. One site that I really like is BitVisitor. You can get bits every 5 minutes. all you need to do is view websites or ads.

Next, leave it running in the background on your computer while you are doing something like being on Facebook, watching a sporting event or what ever you like to do. This one bitcoin site has a button to click and will tell you when the faucet is ready to claim again. Login and claim, the site will keep you logged in. Just do it when you get a chance, don’t let it consume you. If you can do it atleast 8 to 10 times a day it all adds up. Within a month or so you will have somewhere in between 1 dollar to 5 dollars which might end up being your most valuable asset.

There are some faucets that you can do every hour and every 2 hours, that are easy. They add up if you do these as often as you can. And if bitcoin goes up in price, while you are picking them up, then it’s MORE MONEY for FREE!!

**One of my favorite sites used to be Land of Bitcoin, because it provided multiple free faucets. Unfortunately their website is no longer working. But we really appreciate them for giving out so many bits. We will continue to look for sites that offer multiple faucets.

Update : Qoinpro gives out free bitcoins, litecoins. dogecoins and other virtual currencies for free. You just sign up here for free and get coins automatically added to your account.


We are in the beginning of the new world!!


A better world won’t be won with votes, guns, bomb or tanks. It will be won with encryption, 3D printing, meshnets, drones and bitcoin.


1. Self-driving cars

No Insurance , no License , no more tickets and no drunk driving.


2. Bitcoins

You could move money anywhere you need at very little cost. In lightning speed … with you being your own decentralized bank. Pick some coins up now! Join the new world.


3.  3d-printers

3d-printers can do almost anything from making tools, guns, body parts to toys. You can manufacture from anywhere in the world. It’s your world,  take a look.


4. Solar

Just think, once you pay off your original solar investment, it’s free for the rest of your life. And there are cheaper ways of getting solar power than you think.


5. Encryption

Corporations and governments spy on everything!!! Encryption prevents that and keeps you private!! Using Tor-project and True Crypt can really help!